Small Setbacks. Stinky Setbacks. Triathlon is cheaper than therapy.


There are always setbacks. Some are self inflicted while others are external.  I’m not sure which category this setback falls into but I seem to have lost all my swimming gear.  2 pairs of googles, fins, swim cap, ear plugs and the bag itself.  There might have been other stuff.  It amounts to probably $60 worth of gear.  It’s not going to put me out of house and home, but it IS annoying.  I don’t remember if I left it at my parents’ place or if I forgot it at the gym. (UPDATE: it’s gone forever… left it at the gym)

Adding to this setback is that my emergency backup goggles cut little circles into my eyelids in the short 850 yard swim I did this morning.  We’ll see how those cuts deal with the stink of my dying dog; a stink which permeates my entire living space at the moment.  I don’t have a trainer workout planned, but I do… you know… live there.
(Ironic, too, that most of the minor motivators for getting my own place are now irrelevant.  The girl is gone, I’m not meeting anyone new yet, and even if I did, I wouldn’t want to have them over while my place smells of cancer.)
Psychologists use a technique called Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) or Behavior Modification Therapy to help people who have negative thought processes.  In my view, this is a fancy name for a really simple (but incredibly effective) concept.  The concept is: When you start doing or thinking that thing that isn’t good… STOP IT… go do SOMETHING ELSE!
That’s what triathlon is at the moment.  “Something else” is swim bike or run.  Or rehab exercises.  I once ditched my therapist and bought an italian carbon bike.  It ended up being a better investment.  I think this time around, triathlon might be a better investment than therapy.

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