Didn’t Run, but Will Spin

It’s a bad plan to start a compelling documentary too late to finish it.  Obviously, you’ll end up finishing it and regretting the lost sleep.

Sort of… I woke up and it was 2 degrees.  Not “like, 2 degrees”… it was 2 degrees.  Therefore, I didn’t run.  It was an ambitious plan anyway, since I knew I would be at a spin session tonight with my shop.  Spinning is just putting in the cardio work, though, and what I need to be doing is building my strength in my knees for running.  Half marathon training starts in earnest January 11th and I need to have a decent benchmark before then.


  • 7 workouts a week
  • being able to do a 5K/3mi @10min/mi without limiting pain afterwards BEFORE half marathon training starts
  • quit going to bed too late (‘7 workouts/wk’ should put a stop to that)
  • minimum 3 hours of intervals per week on the bike, and at least one ride (or trainer session) of at least 2 hours
  • eat better

I love my dog and I’m gonna miss that guy like crazy, but he sure stinks BAD right now.  Hopefully I can get that fixed up so we can enjoy this remaining time together.  I don’t want triathlon to be something that took me away from him in his last days.


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