Hurdles (not that kind)

So, the knee is a problem.

It hurts in the lower patella tendon area.  They tell me it’s “Jumper’s Knee”, to which I obviously respond, “jumper’s knee? what the hell? I’m a white guy.  How is that even possible?”.
I don’t have much info on it beyond what I found googling it for 8 minutes on the bus one morning. It’s a kind of tendinitis. I don’t really know how to fix it though.  There appear to be some exercises that you can do, but I’m skeptical.  I’m also just worried about the whole mess because it seems like if i’m only running less than 3 miles and already ending up in horrible pain, I’m totally EFFFFFed for doing a damn HALF MARATHON.  Again, I don’t really have that much info though.
I’m not being held back by my depression during the mornings.  Not as much as I thought I would be.  I’m still struggling at night though.  The part that pisses me off the most is that I’ve accepted Buddy’s passing, and while I have waves of grief and mourning, some of which are big enough to knock me over, I’m doing okay on that front.  The shit that’s bringing me down is BS relationship stuff and social life (or lack thereof).  The mornings will be my swim time usually, although I will be doubling up at least 2 or 3 days a week.  Gotta make that morning flow last, or figure out how to get it back at night.
I need to remember to keep up with my headspace app and incorporate yoga into my workout.  I think it could be really helpful for my mental health, and the yoga for my physical as well. The root of most of my mental issues is the same as the root of my greatest strength; my mind is overactive.  This means I can psych myself out, or psych myself up.  I can quickly analyze data that I’m getting, whether it’s heart rate or internal feeling, and use that to fine tune my output at a given time.  I think that’s a major advantage because I know that I’m smarter than others at solving the puzzle of how to get my body to perform.  This can all backfire both on and off training.  I can end up mis-interpreting my bio-signals and either eat or drink too much. I can also get stubborn and go too far into the red.  The BIGGEST issue though is when I over analyze my situation off the training.  I need to get out of my head in the downtime.

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