Wing it

“I have all these books and training plans for the half but I don’t really know how to fit them with the group training stuff I have set up so I think I’m just going to wing it.”

“Yeah, you’ll be fine.  I was winging it for my first half.”
This makes sense unless you know that the one who has already winged? wung? a half IM had done at least a few triathlons before and was a runner, not a cyclist.
So, yeah, winging it…. This could go really poorly.  In truth, though, I’m not winging it because I have a (presumably) good training and support program in place for my run training.  I should have some contacts for getting some practice with open water swimming through the triathlon club, and I am already an accomplished cyclist.  Plus, I’m not an idiot.  These books and workout plans seem to follow a general formula:
Base fitness building and conditioning (6-8 weeks)
Speed, strength and power phase while maintaining endurance (6-8 weeks)
putting it all together and dialing in race nutrition (3-6 weeks)
taper and race prep (3 weeks)
The specific workouts seem to be somewhat less important than that I do SOMETHING, and that the SOMETHING I am doing has some variation.  Get some intervals in there, work on tenchique, and make sure I get a few really long workouts in every week, and a rest day every week.
Pshhh… triathlon is easy….
…. yeah… could go REALLY poorly.
Last night the pool heater was broken and it was great. I was slow in the water, but I haven’t been swimming much and I guess muscles are less efficient at lower temperatures.  No matter, it felt great.  I put in a longer workout than normal, with more technique work too. Being a little lit up didn’t hurt either.  For whatever reason, getting lifted before swims seems to help me get into a good rhythm.  Not sure how it works for running, but I would imagine it’s probably good for all long workouts which don’t involve a lot of thinking.
I ate well, but couldn’t sleep so… kept eating…
I’m going to have to get that under control soon.  I’m hoping to lose a lot of weight (which will help a lot on that big hill in the bike course) over the next 12-16 weeks.  I’d like to average 1.5 lbs per week for a total of about 30.  If it takes 18 or 20 weeks to get there, that’s fine, but I do want to be at my race weight at least 4 weeks before so that I know how my body will handle things.  I DON’T want to wing THAT… already know ALL ABOUT showing up to a long event having lost a bunch of weight and then not having any energy.

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