New Year’s Hangover

No resolutions
No lists
No retrospectives or inspirational looks forward
No “new year, new hair” bullshit (just go get a damn haircut! why does it have to be a new year? and why do you have to tell everyone about it?)
I hate all that crap. January 1 is just like any other day and making it anything OTHER than just another day is only a setup for disappointment. “New Year’s” is just the name of a party, to me. We’re not “rid of 2016”, and if you can’t make a “new beginning” whenever you want, you’re not going to get far in life.
Time trial run on Saturday. Goal pace is 10:00 miles. It shouldn’t be hard, and I think this is a good place for me to start. I don’t want to be gassing it and place in the 9:00 group only to suffer the whole time. I figure going 10-15% slower than if I was ALL OUT is good. I can always move up, and that will feel good, but moving back a group won’t (unless there are fun people (read: attractive and interesting ladies)). We’ll see how the knee holds up, and if that annoying little shit causes problems for me while I run. Regardless of what happens with the elbow, I decided (with the help of a bottle of whiskey) that I’m not pulling out of this tri. I don’t care if i’m drugged up to my eyeballs and I end up with prosthetic limbs by the end of the year… I don’t have a lot else going for me and I’ll be goddamned if I’m going to have THIS get taken away from me.


I’m getting old – I went to see my friend’s afrobeat band on New Years Eve and was a VIP for it. 5 years ago I would have capitalized and truly gotten crazy. Instead, I drank a modest amount (by 5 years ago standards) and counted dancing for 2 hours as a base fitness/zone 2 workout. I then went home, regretted how much I drank (7 drinks over 4-5 hours), went to sleep on the couch and proceeded to regret the evening for the majority of New Year’s Day.
My elbow is an annoying little shit – ‘Triceps tendinitis’ is the technical term, but ‘annoying little shit’ seems to apply just as well. Ever lean over to pick up something off the floor and support yourself with one arm on a table or desk as you do it? Ever had it feel like someone is stabbing your through the elbow while you do it? Welcome to my world. I’ll be wearing a compression sleeve on my left elbow for the foreseeable future and will discuss with the orthopedic a week from today. It looks like surgery, but maybe it can be avoided.
Running with people is more fun than running alone – I push a little more too (without any apparent significant increase in overall heart rate). Hopefully I can find a few people to run with on a regular basis, especially if I end up being out of the pool for a while due to that annoying little shit.
I don’t have the ability to regulate my rides – I was supposed to put in 3-4 hours of low-impact riding this past weekend but i ended up doing 2.5 hours of riding with hill repeats in it. I need to really work on just doing base fitness without cranking it or I’m going to burn out.
I’m losing weight – good. my start was 178. and we’ll say it started after Christmas-ish. 2 libras so far.
I can build shit – While i guess you could say I “built” the annoying little shit of an elbow I have on my left side, what I’m really talking about is my swanky new kitchen counter made partially from reclaimed materials. Yup… I designed and built that shit. and it’s BOSS AS FAK. (pics to come). With as much as I cook, I need the counter space and a sturdy work area. I’ll have something to attach my pasta roller to now as well. Stop by for some basil-wheat linguine with homemade fake meatballs.
NYE wasn’t that bad, but it still sucks – It’s not even the holidays themselves that bother me. Outside of my comically awful history between roughly late November and mid January, I actually like seeing friends and family, and don’t mind the gatherings. What ACTUALLY bothers me is the pressure from the media and society to have a significant other and SPEND SPEND SPEND! (and occasionally the lack of understanding by friends and family that I have my own goals and sometimes have to do things for my own mental health that make me un-fun). The afrobeat show/ NYE party was pretty cool (also the only time I’ve gotten VIP access at a party) and I didn’t hate it (until after I’d left). I sort of connected? maybe? with some people I went to school with. But I don’t really know how to follow up with people in these situations…

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