I had a crash Sunday.  I went down hard crossing some railroad tracks.  No, the wheels didn’t get stuck in the tracks.  I’m more experienced than that.  I just had no traction on the plastic/rubber parts that are employed alongside tracks to bring the level of the road surface up to the top of the rails.  Experienced, but not enough to avoid this fairly obvious mistake.  I landed hard on my left side with my hip and knee taking most of the force.  Luckily, I didn’t slide into the path of the oncoming minivan, so I have THAT going for me.  It started something like this, but with railroad tracks involved, and I’m not pro.


I was pretty shaken up by it.  I dusted myself off, though and made it 7 or 8 miles back to my place, somewhat glad that my injuries were being “iced” by the cold weather and glad that I was still at least (mostly) functional.  I Iced everything that evening and after seeing my physical therapist, I was told I probably just bruised my knee innards, my hip and my rotator cuff. I’ve got some nasty roadrash on my hip and some on my knee and elbow but was spared the worst by my thick winter kit.  No full swimming for a week (kick drills only, and maybe some side swimming), and lots of ice on everything.  I guess I’m lucky to have escaped more severe damage.

On the subject of crashes, I was told by one of my friends that I probably shouldn’t try to do all my planned events because I will end up over training, burning out, crashing and burning… ultimately I’ll get hurt.  A bunch of my other friends said I should be fine as long as I don’t push everything too hard. Still another friend said I should just make some adjustments… do an early sprint tri before the half marathon instead of an olympic between the Flying Pig (half marathon) and the Little Smokies (half ironman).  All this advice just confused me more and caused me to panic, which led to me having a minor mental crash after my test run Tuesday night.  A couple High Lifes and living that high life helped mellow me out.

One day at a time, guy. One day at a time.  Plan the work, do the work, trust the plan.  This is base time.  It’s going to be really hard to make this all work and I would prefer the rest of my life to go away so I can focus on my athletic goals.  There isn’t a lot else in my life that is really bringing me much satisfaction anyway.

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