I Never Thought I Would Say This:

I miss running.

Seriously… This time last year I would have bet anyone that no matter what, I’d never like running enough to actually miss it.  I wasn’t even thinking I might ever “be a runner”  (I’m still not sure I really qualify as one).  Even a few months ago, I’d have just said I was only ever going to run because it was part of a triathlon, and that I wouldn’t be looking forward to it at all.

I lose weight from running, though, and I set PRs every time I go out.  It pumps me up.  I like how my shoes look and feel.  I like running tights. (HA!)  I like how I feel after a run.  I like how I feel DURING a run… Not the way I love the sensation of riding a bike and running doesn’t offer the same chance to commune with nature that comes from spending hours in the saddle and cycling is certainly more kind to your body.  BUT, I genuinely like running, at least a little, sometimes.  And I definitely miss it.  Injury sucks.

Pro tip for life:   Don’t get injured.

On a completely unrelated note: Seriously… are there no decent single women around here?  I haven’t met a whole ton of them over the past couple months, but I’ve met enough to have run across at least one or two that were genuinely intriguing. Or so I thought….  Sure, some are fairly attractive, or smart in one way or another, but on the whole, they’re mostly either, A) boring, or B) not really comfortable being themselves.

With respect to A: I feel like being passionate about something in life is a pretty important thing if one is to be a dynamic and interesting person.  Obviously for me that’s bikes and cycling mainly, but also mental health, the environment, and learning in general.  I feel like a lot of people in the 25-35 age group lack any kind of REAL passion.  COME ON! Be into something more than just shopping and watching netflix!  As far as B goes: I recognize that everyone has flaws and I expect them to.  I do, and while I don’t lead with them, I don’t really try to hide them.  I’m comfortable with them. Have I happened across some understanding that eludes others my age?  Are they unaware that it’s OKAY to NOT be EVERYONE’S cup of tea and that actually, our differences are often the most interesting things between us?

A microcosm and extreme example: I went on a date a few weeks ago with what may actually be the most boring person I have ever met.  After 2 hours of talking to this woman, I couldn’t tell you anything interesting about her.  She was into “design” but after querying her for 20 minutes on what that meant, I still have no idea if it means designing of a product or service or process… All of her responses seemed slightly nervous and designed not to offend, rather than to actually reveal any feelings or character.  She didn’t have any passions that I could tell, nor did she seem to have any real strong opinions on anything from music or food to social issues.  She was clearly at least somewhat interested in me, but honestly, I couldn’t tell that she even HAD personality for ME to be interested in.

Not everyone I’ve met is that bad, but none of them are all that much better either.  I dunno… maybe these two things are only so prominent when it comes to dating because the perceived stakes are higher.  Yeah, you don’t want to say the wrong thing and turn the other person off to you and you don’t want to seem weird for being too into something. I get that. But I can’t be the only one who has realized it’s best to just be unashamed about your passions and who you are… In the end, we are who we are and if we’re going to find someone who likes us, we need to BE who we are.  I would think that people my age who are still single would be even MORE likely to realize this…


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